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Water softeners for resin regeneration

DESCRIPTIONdomestic water softeners are used to reduce the hardness of water, or rather to lower the concentration of the calcium and magnesium salts dissolved in it.

APPLICATIONS:  Milano Componenti domestic water softeners are mainly used in dishwashers to reduce water hardness and prevent the formation of scale, as well as to protect boilers and resistors. There are two main systems, one with integrated ion exchange resin part and salt bowl (monobloc) and another with the parts separate (column unit with separate salt bowl).

OPERATION: the most recent water softener models are designed for resin regeneration: rinsing takes place in the opposite direction to the intake flow, in this way improving performance and reducing the consumption of water and salt; this resin regeneration system also permits reducing the risk of corrosion to the tank and dishes.

VERSIONS: there are various versions of Milano Componenti domestic water softeners, characterized by different sizes and capacities: simple column units with separate salt bowl, monobloc domestic water softeners with integrated resin and salt container and models with incorporated air-break and control of inlet water via volumetric meters or flow meters.

On request and for sufficient quantities, Milano Componenti also develops special versions of water softeners for resin regeneration to the client’s design.

TECHNICAL DATA: for additional specifications of domestic water softeners, please download our brochure (PDF format) – for technical details, request the data sheet.