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DESCRIPTION: the micro switches for boilers of this series are divided into two families: Type N8 and Type N16. These families of micro switches are identical in shape and size but their electrical and mechanical specifications differ.

These micro switches can be operated by directly pressing the operating button, via a lever or with a telescopic button that increases overtravel.
Two pushbutton micro switches can be provided, coupled and operated by the same lever.

On request and for sufficient quantities, Milano Componenti can develop special versions.

APPLICATIONS: this series of pushbutton micro switches is suitable for use in the BOILER sector as limit switch, both in appliances for domestic use and in equipment for the industrial sector.

USE: they are used in the BOILER sector as safety contact, due to their high mechanical strength. They can be change-over or NC/NO. High reliability is the main characteristic of these pushbutton micro switches, making them a first choice for high operating loads or restricted spaces. The noble materials used to manufacture the micro switch have been studied to guarantee operation even in extreme conditions.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: body in self-extinguishing glass-fibre reinforced polyamide PA 66, flame retardant up to 850°C (Glow Wire test); silver-plated brass terminals; CuBe (beryllium copper alloy) movable contact strip; silver-alloy contact.