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DESCRIPTION: the MR 330 Series consists of electric gear motors, developed to meet the need for ever-increasing automation typical of today’s appliances, both domestic and professional. These electric gear motors are characterized by high flexibility and are consequently suitable for many uses.

APPLICATIONS: MR 330 Series small electric gear motors are mainly used in vending machines and units for coffee machines, ice makers, ice-cream machines, industrial rotisseries, rotating display stands, coin change machines and valve operation.

OPERATION OF THE ELECTRIC GEAR MOTOR: the wide range of the MR 330 Series permits finding the gear motor suited to your needs, whether for continuous or intermittent use.

VERSIONS: the MR 330 Series electric gear motor for intermittent use is available in the AB self-locking version, which enables the elimination of rotor inertia.

On request and for sufficient quantities, Milano Componenti also develops special versions to the client’s design.

CERTIFICATION: MR 330 Series small electric gear motors are approved by IMQ, UL, and VDE.

TECHNICAL DATA: for additional specifications of the electric gear motors please download our brochure (PDF format) – for technical details, request the data sheet.