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DESCRIPTION: TG series motor fans are industrial tangential fans characterized by noiselessness, compact dimensions and high reliability

APPLICATIONS: TG series industrial fans are used in many fields, including: air treatment, equipment cooling, room ventilation, domestic appliances, refrigerated display cases and vending machines.

OPERATION: in Milano Componenti industrial centrifugal fans, the rotation of the impeller creates a vortex motion that directs the airflow by means of a special guide system.

VERSIONS: TG series industrial fans are available in different lengths to adapt to any requirements.

On request and for sufficient quantities, Milano Componenti also develops special versions of the centrifugal tangential fan to the client’s design.

CERTIFICATION: TG Series industrial axial fans are approved.

TECHNICAL DATA: for additional specifications of squirrel cage fans, please download our brochure (PDF format) – for technical details, request the datasheet.