SERIE Freddo

DESCRIPTION: cold Series pressure switches are two-stage devices that switch a contact when certain air or fluid pressures are reached. The Milano Componenti COLD Series single-level electromechanical pressure switch stands out for its high reliability.

They are suitably calibrated to the client’s specifications.

APPLICATIONS: Cold electromechanical pressure switches are generally used in control systems, in particular in the ICE and cold sector to control compressors for cooling or for ice making.

OPERATION: the moving part of electromechanical pressure switch, formed by a disc membrane, operates a snap-action changeover contact, which can be duly set to the required pressure level.

MATERIALS: reinforced steel body, silver-plated brass terminals; CuBe (beryllium copper alloy) movable contact strip; silver-alloy contact.

VERSIONSCOLD Series electromechanical pressure switches  are available in a version with either a centre or a side spout (pressure inlet). On request and for sufficient quantities, Milano Componenti also develops special versions of the COLD Series electromechanical pressure switches to the client’s design.

TECHNICAL DATA: for additional specifications, please download our brochure (PDF format) – for technical details, request the datasheet.