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DESCRIPTION: the Milano Componenti KSD 301 series comprises a wide range of bimetallic thermostats (or disc thermostats), with extremely compact dimensions and fitted with a snap-action trip device.

APPLICATIONS: Milano Componenti disc thermostats are used in the BOILER sector, mainly for temperature control in boilers, heat exchangers, resistors, pellet stoves and all situations with fixed or preset control and operating temperatures.

MATERIALS: our bimetallic thermostats can have a body in a phenolic or ceramic material.

VERSIONS: these bimetallic thermostats are available in various versions: with temperature holding function (NA or NC contacts), control functions, and even as safety thermostats (manual reset device and an NC contact).

On request and for sufficient quantities, Milano Componenti also develops special versions of the bimetallic thermostat to the client’s design.

CERTIFICATION: our bulb thermostats are approved and certified by several renowned quality marks, such as UL and VDE.

TECHNICAL DATA: for additional specifications of the disc thermostat please download our brochure (PDF format) – for technical details, request the data sheet.